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100+ Things to Get Rid of in 7 days

We all know that a clean house is equal to a clear mind and a clear mind us equal to a better and healthy life. You have probably had circumstances when you really wanted to de-clutter your space but you just didn’t know where to start. Here is a list of 100+ things to get rid of in 7 days as you are about to start your clutter-free lifestyle. I know 7 days seems like a short period of time but I prefer doing this within the shortest time just to keep a fast pace momentum. I realized that if done within a longer period, one would lose the momentum and there wouldn’t be that much focus.

Take it as a challenge, with the short period, you will be able to see the changes that you are looking forward to more visible. I  will also be doing a weekly update on how you can take care of different rooms to avoid cluttering them up and keeping them to your likeness. I will be talking on habits you can implement in your day-to-day life to keep these places clean and tidy at all times.

Remember, this is just to start you off.  It doesn’t mean that once you get rid of these things you will be done for good.  You will still need to get rid of unnecessary stuff and replace the worn out things in the future.  This is just a guide to help you identify the things that might be lying around occupying your space without serving you any purpose. Make it a habit, every once in a while to look around your space just to ensure that everything you have is serving you right.


Living room

  1. Old newspapers and magazines
  2. Old books and books that you don’t find interesting
  3. Unused or old cables and wires
  4. Outdated media such as audio tapes
  5. Cds and DVDs that no longer serve your purpose
  6. Dead plants
  7. Plants that no longer bring you joy
  8. Excess Plants and Flowers
  9. Unused electronics such as remote controls
  10. Unwanted or unnecessary furniture
  11. Picture frames
  12. Decorations you no longer enjoy
  13. Things that do not reflect your style

Decorations and holidays

  1. Decorations you never use
  2. Broken decorations
  3. Lights that don’t work
  4. Anything that doesn’t bring you joy
  5. Gift wraps
  6. Gifts you have outgrown
  7. Gifts that don’t serve you a meaningful purpose
  8. Souvenirs


Office Area

  1. Manuals
  2. Old paperwork
  3. Receipts (digitize them)
  4. Bank statements (digitize them)
  5. Coupons
  6. Old notebooks
  7. Duplicate paperwork
  8. Dried out pens and markers
  9. Old phone directories
  10. Unnecessary keys



  1. Unfitting clothes and shoes
  2. Worn out clothes and shoes
  3. Worn out beddings
  4. Mismatched socks
  5. Worn out socks and leggings
  6. Excess underwear
  7. Broken jewelry
  8. Jewelry you don’t intend to wear again
  9. Just in case clothing
  10. Occasional garments
  11. Lingerie, you honestly don’t need a whole bunch of these
  12. Outfits that do not complement your style
  13. Purses and bags you don’t use
  14. Old T-shirts
  15. Anything you haven’t worn for the past one and a half years


  1. Worn out towels
  2. Empty bottles and containers
  3. Toiletries you never use
  4. Old perfumes
  5. Old makeup and makeup you never use
  6. Dry and unused nail polish that you don’t intend to use
  7. Expired Medication
  8. Hair products and hair accessories you have lost interest in



  1. Excess tablecloths
  2. Excess shopping bags
  3. Unnecessary  or excess storage containers and those without lids
  4. Unnecessary or excess silverware
  5. Excess cups,  plates,  bowls, and mugs
  6. Excess pots and pans
  7. Stale food
  8. Expired food
  9. Broken utensils and dishes
  10. Spices you’ve outgrown
  11. Spices that cause you allergic reactions
  12. Empty bottles
  13. Cookbooks you never use
  14. Valueless gift cards
  15. Unnecessary kitchen decorations
  16. Electronics you never use
  17. Just in case electronics and other kitchenware

Garage and outdoors

  1. Old hobby tools
  2. Empty containers
  3. Dry paint and brushes
  4. Dead plants
  5. Broken pots for your plants
  6. Unfinished projects that you lost interest in
  7. Broken tools
  8. Unnecessary tools
  9. Old rusty tools
  10. Unwanted bikes and motor vehicles


Kids and Baby’s room

  1. Old school work
  2. Games with missing pieces
  3. Old and ripped stuffed animals
  4. Excess artwork
  5. Toys that are never used
  6. Broken toys
  7. Outgrown toys
  8. Outgrown clothes and shoes
  9. Oversized clothes and shoes


Phones and Computers

  1. Games you no longer play
  2. Apps that you never use
  3. Old photos
  4. Duplicate photos
  5. Old messages
  6. Old contacts you no longer need
  7. Unnecessary files
  8. Music you no longer enjoy
  9. Videos you no longer enjoy
  10. Just in case apps and software
  11. Junk and spam inboxes
  12. Photos you don’t like
  13. Unsubscribe from newsletters


People and Relationships

  1. Friends who contact you when only in need
  2. People who you no longer enjoy their company
  3. Broken relationships
  4. People who make you unhappy
  5. People who let you down
  6. Those who are always unhappy with your progress
  7. People who discourage you from being the best version of yourself and
  8. People who you work so hard to please

Day seven is also a day when you can just sit down, relax, meditate and clear your mind from all the mental clutter.

You might be wondering how you will get rid of all these things. Well, there are a couple of ways to do that:

  • Throw away those things that can not be used again or the ones that are totally worn out
  • Donate to charities the things that you feel like they could add value to someone else’s life
  • Sell the things that still look great and let’s make some money.

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