My Favorite Minimalist Youtubers

My favorite minimalist Youtubers … “Who are they?” Is the question I’ll be answering today.

The one thing I love about YouTube is that it gives you variety. It’s the one place you can information about EVERYTHING. And I mean literally everything. From the basic stuff to some of the world’s complexities. So back to my topic today, I usually don’t do favourites but this one was undeniably irresistible. So here are my favourite minimalist Youtubers.

1. Jenny Mustard (The Mustards)
I have known Jenny’s channel for the longest time in my YouTube history. Even when I was a hoarder I used to watch her because her content is so appealing. There are days when I just binge watch her videos because they’re so catchy and she’s fun. Jenny has been my biggest inspiration and I admire what she does.

2.Sadia (Pick Up Limes)
Whenever the word serene comes up, Sadia is always first in my mind. She is so full of life and relatable. She is peaceful and everything around her seems to be just like her. What about her cuisines, they are amaaazing…. Yes, I just said amaaazing, because they are. They are so neatly done and once you see them you’ll just want to eat them and they are all healthy meals.
Instagram :

3. Ann Le (Anneorshine)
What I really love about Ann is her approach to minimalism. She explains it so well and in such a way that you’ll be enticed to watch more of her. What about her DIY’S? they are the best. She does everything with such ease that you’ll want to do that. Her decors are always stylish and one thing can transform the whole room.
Instagram :

Go check out these beautiful people because their channels have literally changed my lifestyle.

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