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Who Is Antonynah

“Hi, my name is Antonynah and I’m 25 years old.”

This is probably the most common and most boring way to introduce ourselves to other people, so, how about I take it to another level..

Hi, my name is Antonynah, a person who appreciates diversity, braces everything life brings and picks out the best in all situations. I only allow one label on me, MINIMALIST. I have been a minimalist for the past two years and I’m happier than ever before.

A apart from pursuing my life as a minimalist, I have attained a degree in Accounting which I’m still upgrading. It is one of my passions as I have curiosities about the economy, it’s trends and how I can be able to keep myself from facing some financial strains. I’m business minded by say.

I sometimes work as an online writer. It is a great experience and I am able to make a living out of it.

According to the Meyers Briggs personality indicator, I am an INTJ “the architect ” this have curated a greater percentage of my personality trait. I am the most introverted person but that doesn’t mean I stay locked indoors. I love exploring the things I find intriguing and beautiful, especially when I’m with the people who I care about.

I have been on a journey for daily meditation and I must tell you, It’s life changing. I had the idea that meditating was just a fuss, shock on me. With the right motivation and surrounding, sometimes it’s all you need to start off the day of course with a hot cup of coffee.

When I’m not doing any of the above, I’m either doing a 30 days challenge on something. Like currently I’m doing a work out challenge. Today is day 90. Hurray!!. I recently finished a 30 days de-clutter challenge and they have been fun experiences. I do this at least after every 3 months, I wouldn’t mind you joining.

My other passions are on listening to good music, reading and binge watching a romcom, or just playing video games.

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