Minimalism- What Is Minimalism?

What is is minimalism? Sometimes I ask myself this question and weirdly I still don’t have the definite answer. ( wondering face)
Have you ever been so sure about something but then something happens and you’re left without a clue of what just happened to you. That is how I often feel whenever I try writing this post. It could have been the first thing to write about but I hardly know how to explain.

I asked a couple of people who aren’t minimalists how they would describe minimalism and these were their responses;

  • Rational and effecient use of space and or associated items
  • Reducing excesses but not being mean at the same time
  • Just having what is necessary and minimal
  • Well I’d say it is a lifestyle that you only get what you need. Keep what you need.
  • Not living at the edge, but generally being cautious of what you acquire and what you keep.

Very impressive answers, right! Considering that many people already have the idea of what it is, I was thrilled.

So, what exactly is minimalism?

Is it a lifestyle, an ideology, a philosophy, a religion, a cultural tradition, what exactly is it?

According to Wikipedia

The term minimalist often colloquially refers to anything that is spare or stripped to its essentials.

I think this is a definite explanation. Minimalism is not any of what I have mentioned right above the definition, it’s more like a perspective. We all have different perspectives, what I’d call minimalism is probably not minimalistic to somebody else. Some people think minimalism is about the number, the color etc. Well, that’s not what minimalism is about.

So minimalism varies from one person to another. It is simply just living your life to your utmost fullness. Living around the meaningful relationships you have, being happy at your place of work, not giving a heck of what other people think or say about you. It’s all about loving yourself, living the life you want to live and keeping only the things that add value to your life because honestly, all other things are considered to be clutter and in all aspects of life, where there’s clutter, there’s less freedom and in turn less motivation. Minimalism doesn’t have class categorization and so anyone from anywhere can be one. What’s really intresting is that after you factor out all the clutter in your life, you’ll be left with just so much time to do the things you truly enjoy and love doing.

And now that….that is minimalism.

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