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Lessons I Learnt Through 2017

The year 2017 have been an exceptional year for me. As I bid it goodbye, I am happy. Happy because of the person I have become and for the little accomplishments. Today’s post is like a journal for all the lessons I learnt through 2017. Some are through experience and other just…well… You know…. YouTube, Wikipedia, and all other social media platforms and through the people around me.

So without further adieu.. Lessons I learnt through 2017

1. How to live minimally

I became a self certified minimalist early this year. I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing because for me I was just doing my usual tidying up and organizing until I realized that what I was doing was more. Earlier before I was organizing even the things that weren’t useful and they drained my space, my mind and my energy. After a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering I was so relieved. That is when I realised minimalism and the benefits it came with. That experience was so relieving and after a few months, I decided to go all in. I even started this Blog. To share with you my journey. It have been a tough one but in a good way because what you gain is far more important than what you’re giving up.

2. How to be the truest version of myself

Before, I used to live beneath the shadows of someone who was afraid to hurt and be hurt. I was not my ideal version. I was either too nice, too easy to please even though I wasn’t contented with what I was receiving. But all this was change after I started a self-realization journey. I gave up everything that was basically “not my type” and that was so refreshing. I read a book by Sarah Knight, The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**k ” I listened to the audio version ” it was also an eyeopener of all the things that I cared about and honestly they weren’t that relevant. There and then I gave up everything intoxicating and to date, I must say, I’m so proud I made these changes. I still have some drawbacks but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

3. How to Declutter

Clutter comes in many forms, there’s physical clutter, psychological clutter and emotional clutter. All these are barriers in our life because they cause havoc and delays in our day to day how about. I learnt how to declutter from watching some YouTube videos from other minimalists and some non minimalists as well. This is especially for physical clutter in our wardrobes and our entire environment. Living a clutter free life is amazing in so many ways. You get a lot of freedom and space and everything then calms down and it’s like time is slowed down since the rushing stops.

4. About commitments

The greatest accomplishment I have had this year is this blog. It is so because it is the one thing that I have been committed to and based on my commitment levels, I’d give myself a C+. Honestly, I never thought I’d make it up to this time because I feared being so much connected to something. I had little faith 😔. With me changing my attitude and having a little trust, I have been able to establish a few commitments. I work out regularly, meditate regularly and living healthy. The amazing thing is that after you start doing something continuously, it becomes a habit and what could go wrong with a healthy habit?

5. Live honestly

I say what’s in my head and then regret it later “excerpt from the movie after the ball”

Among the lessons I learnt through 2017, this is probably the greatest lesson I have learnt. Living honestly, maybe I have lied a couple of times, forgive me. I lived a lie, throwback to a few years back, that was not my true self. Tried fitting in other people’s place, being what the society expects, I limited my abilities and capabilities to just what was the norm. I don’t regret but I’m glad I learnt how to live with myself. I know it’s unlike me to have lived thus way but I had let my walls down and not in a good way. People could dictate my moods, my feelings, my attitude. I’m happy I grew out of that. I live the life I love and that is around the people I truly love..including you ♥.

There are the lessons I learnt through 2017. What are yours?

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