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Things That Might Make You Fail Again This Year

2017 was a year packed with both extreme experiences, tough times and success balancing each other . What defines each of them is the actions we did and verily the things we did not do. We are the only ones who truly understand the reasons behind our course decisions.

I hope excuses are not the cement between your failure and failure. This cement will always be present and standby to cut you off from the success that you so desire and have planned for.
So, trust me when I tell you that this things might make you fail again this year and fail terribly because of this reasons too.

Setting goals without a plan

Get me right I have nothing against goals setting actually as I’m writing this I’m in the last stage of preparing my goals for 2018. The pit hole is not the goals, it’s setting them without a plan laid against timelines. Time will pass anyway.
Building a monument on past success.
We have agreed that the year had both extremes, the best could be your biggest enemy. If you keep defining your future according to your past success. Even the day of victory has been ticking away since then and that indicates that circumstances are constantly changing. The only thing we are allowed to do with our past is learn and create memories not a point of reference to decide on the future.

Waiting for people to move.

What is your past or failure is someone’s success and breakthrough. Even what you wanted a time like this last year is too little for you to settle on. People from time in history have been in motion physically and mentally. We cannot follow anyone because our destinations are as apart as our dreams. You are alone in this chase and those who care can only cheer you on and You are the only one to maintain walking and keep making progress no matter how small.

You will fail if you can’t keep your word.

Widely New Year’s resolutions are made out of emotional drive. This is the worst point of reference because emotions are never stable and their change can be determined by anything. The worst person to fail keeping your word to, is yourself. When you keep disappointing self you are molding an images of how you see yourself. This will damage your character and even the faith in yourself. Thus will even manifest in your relationship with the surrounding and as much as you won’t see it, the world will.

If you keep changing your mind and goals, you will fail

Remember that a rock that is always on motion will never gather moss. The main agent of growing our careers, our enterprise is the networks we create and harness. This is a resolve of long term and dedicated relationships. But if no one can refer you because you keep changing track and moving all over then your chances of success are very slim. Hold on stay on course and fight for that one thing, success will get here.


I know, I know, I know…. This have always been said over and over and to some extent it becomes so obvious that we often lose the meaning. Logically our bodies and brains are built to resist anything that seems like it’s too much or requires effort and energy and our being there. We often forget that it’s all it’s mechanism and we fall into it’s trap and then just say we’ll do it later

Procrastination has taught me how to do 8 hours of work in 30 minutes and 30 minutes of work in 8 hours. sarcasm only

Avoid this by all means, set your time right and be in charge of your body and mind. Don’t let yourself be dragged by some funny excuses

This year will be the best because you and I won’t give up, it is the time we dedicate ourselves to serve our purpose and chase that dream that cannot give us peace and rest. For 2018 remember this, at the end there is a solution and if there is no solution you are not yet at the end.

This article is a collaboration between me and one of the most amazing self built person I have come across. A well versed young professional speaker Mr. Paul Thandi.

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