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Clothes- Shop Like A Minimalist

Clothes are a basic necessity. We all know that, and for that reason we all have them. We might actually have more than enough. Despite this being the case, we have those days when we wake up and there’s nothing to wear. Yes, I have had those days too. But I think this is a consequence of the choices we make when we are buying clothes. We are in the century where we shop for 52 seasons unlike the old ages where shopping was done for the warm and cold seasons. Nowadays, every week is a season on its own, different styles, fashion and trends.

Isn’t it exhausting when you are trying to keep up? This sound unreal but just look at the media and the advertisements, I think this gets people lost and makes them spend on some things just to keep up. I did that, before I was a minimalist and it is exhausting. That is why today I am going to give you tips on how to shop for your clothes wisely and avoid the “I don’t have anything to wear ” situations. This is actually what made me think about Minimalism Vs Consumerism.

Define your style

Yeah, we all have different styles, tastes and preferences. Our style makes up a fair percentage of who we are. Sometimes it defines our personality. If you constantly don’t have esteem in what you’re wearing or you don’t feel happy about the type of clothes that you put on, maybe it’s time you evaluate your own style and transform your wardrobe.

Clothes are merely things

At times, we attach sentimental value to the clothes that we buy. Especially when we buy expensive clothes and the time to let go comes, the sentimentality makes it harder.

Do not buy on impulse

Impulsive buying is probably the greatest cause of “I have nothing to wear ” situations. This is because when you buy something because it is on sale or it is pretty or it is a ‘just in case’ item, we barely even use these items and they end up cluttering our space.

Buy things intentionally

When shopping for your clothes, first be 100 percent sure that you will actually use it. Buy it if it will serve more than one purpose. I don’t think buying things for specific occasions is a good idea because chances are, that item will actually never be used or worn again.

Always set a budget

This is the most basic thing to do when doing shopping of any kind but we often tend to forget the most important “rule”. Setting a budget will definitely restrict you from impulsive buying and you will actually shop for exactly what you want .

Learn to say no

It is difficult to be the only one in the group who doesn’t own that cool jacket or those trending shoes. I know it is, but you probably just have to learn to be firm and confident in your defined style. You don’t have to look like everyone else to be fashionable and that is what fashion is all about. Be different from the crowd. Don’t say yes to the advertisements, they are there to make you do the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

Lastly, there’s power in quality over quantity

‘Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler’ Albert Einstein

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