5 killer red flags that men ignore in relationships

Often we talk too much about red flags that women should avoid. We forget that men can also fall in bad relationships for ignoring some red flags by the women. So, my dear men, this one is for you.

It is hard to share your thoughts and feelings with her

So you have had a good day or a rough day and you come home to your loving wife or girlfriend. But you don’t know how to talk about how you feel because you are afraid they wont be interested or they’ll be irritated. This is something you should consider before putting a ring on it. Your partner should make it easy for you to express yourself. Not the other way round. You should feel safe and comfortable when you are with them.

You often give into their needs without considering yours

A relationship is meant to go both ways. No one is supposed to be better off than the other. I know there are times we can compromise to make each other comfortable but when you are the one who is always do the compromising, you need to start questioning.

She is too secretive

We all have our secrets to keep but when she is always having something to hide from you, it starts to feel suspicious. Being in a healthy relationship means that you can trust each other. When she has too many secrets kept from you, the trust might start to corrode.

She changes her attitude way too fast

I know that sometimes we have moments of being rich in positive vibes and other times it is the opposite. After all, this is just being human. But when your partner becomes unpredictable and you don’t know what will tick her off, it can be tricky. This might put you in a constant state of being overly cautious and end up feeling drained. If this is not a big red flag, then I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Brings up past mistakes during arguments

The past should be left in the past and this pretty much sums up this point. When your partner has a tendency of always reminding you what you did in the past to avoid dealing with the current situation, that is just a setup for an unhealthy relationship.

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