5 killer red flags that women ignore in relationships

So many times, red flags can be hard to deal with. It is so easy to ignore them because they sometimes make things complicated. While most red flags are very open and easy to spot, there are some that can be tricky and hard to spot. Often these are the ones that end up messing up what could have otherwise been a good relationship.

Controlling tendencies

Most of the time this is ignored since it is mistaken as the man being caring. In the beginning, this is cute but when it is something so repetitive and you get to a point of not doing the things you like because he doesn’t allow you, it is time to start questioning. Being controlling does not only apply in extreme situations here he won’t let you hang out with your friends. It starts with the simple random things like only meeting him when he is available. Girl, as much as you may be love struck, don’t let go of your sixth sense.

Feeling like you can’t be yourself around him

Sis, if a man makes you feel less comfortable than you were without him, he’s not your man. Being in love with someone means that accept who you are wholly. If you have to pretend to be someone you’re not, the relationship is already set up for failure. You can’t pretend forever. Get someone who loves you and your weird quirks.

Solving conflicts gets too complicated

If resolving conflicts only ends up building up more problems, it is not really worth it. This kind of behavior will take it’s toll on your mental health. Conflicts are bound to come and you need to know if your partner can handle the pressure. If he always raise his voice or curse, let him know that that is not a good way to communicate. If the problem persists, find you a better man!

He treats you well but treats other people like trash

A man’s behavior is determined by how he treats people he don’t know. It is how he talks to the janitor, how he orders his food from the waiter, how he acts and talks to his parents and how he treats his siblings. If he is rude towards them, it is only a matter of time before he grows fond you and treats you like he does to them. So, watch out for his behavior towards other people.

You give up things you like for him

If a man costs you your peace and the things that bring you joy, then he is not yours to keep. Sometimes it may seem like he has good reasons but, most of these are just manipulative ways to make you stop doings the things you love. Also, a man who is so full of himself will always want you to give him attention. For this reason he will be stopping you from enjoying your hobbies in peace.

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