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Keeping your house clean, tidy and organized at all times doesn’t mean that you have to be a minimalist, although that is an added advantage. Before I was a minimalist, my room was always clean and not to mention organized. On the downside, I was organizing clutter instead of getting rid of it. A lot of times though, we tend to leave stuff just everywhere unnecessarily and in the end get a room full of items that don’t belong there. This makes the space look untidy and not clean despite of how hard you might have tried to clean it. We have all had those moments when we we’re just too lazy or hang overed to do anything. This are the days we just lean back and keep accumulating things on the surfaces. This doesn’t bring out the best version of your self discipline. Instead, it brings out the opposite.

As an up coming minimalist, I have come to appreciate the feeling that comes with being organized at all times. This is pure joy. It means that you don’t always have to be rushing up and down clearing surfaces and spaces whenever someone’s coming over. It means that you have a serene and calm space where you can just refresh your mind after a long day.

Having said that, here are the tips on how you can maintain a clean and organized space.

1. Give everything a home

This is a tip that I learnt the hard way from my mom. She literally scolded us for leaving things where they don’t belong. Looking back to then now I realize why she did. Today that pisses me off too. Many times we buy things and then they end up in the darkest corner where they’ll be forgotten for almost forever. To avoid this, I always set a home for everything i own. This also makes it easier to find things that are essential for our everyday use. For example, everytime I reach home, I place the keys exactly where they’re supposed to be. That way everyone who needs them can access them without a hustle. Another thing I do is to empty my bag and put everything where they are supposed to be. This way, I have an organized and tidy room at all times. Nothing is misplaced and it’s easier to get anything because I know exactly where it is.

2. Buy things with intention

This is the same as buy things that will have meaning to your life and things that add value. I used to buy things because they were cute or cheap or on sale but all that yielded to nothing but a big nasty mess because for real I never loved that stuff. I just wanted it for that exact moment because it pleased the eye, nothing else really. After much much wastage of resources ‘money and time’ I was not happy. My room was just full of things that I didn’t value and never intended to use them any one time. We all have this things.

The best way to avoid this is to always and I mean always buy something that you intend to use not once but on a regular basis. Take a leave from buying one occasion things. They just fill up space and leave a small room for organising and this is not just right. Buy things that will be worth your time and money. This way you won’t be filling up your home with unnecessary things.

3 Tidy everyday
I know this sounds a bit too much but trust me it’s not. I have learnt to have at least twenty minutes for tidying the house everyday every morning. It’s really really easy. It’s a routine that I adore. By tidying, I don’t mean that you do a general cleaning of the house. What I mean is that you put everything in it’s designated home. Have your dust and stains remover with you, and surely wiping the surfaces will make the house look good without doing anything else. But at least try to be a little more extra. We all want the best of us and our living spaces. Always leave things straight and put in a desirable manner such that you’ll be proud of your work after a long day and coming home to a lovely organized and tidy home. The secret of organizing is that when you do it once, you won’t have to do it again. I organized my room like 4 months ago and it is still in a lovable condition. I always feel proud when I walk in and feel the freshness of it. A tidy and organized space enables you to have a clear environment which you can be creative and artistic thus bringing out the best of you.
4. Make your cleaning interesting.

This is a handy tip. For everything that you do, make it interesting, this way you’ll get the most out of it. While cleaning I recommend listening to your favorite kind of music. This keeps you entertained as you are doing your job. Music also keeps our mind and body interacting and therefore making it enjoyable to clean up. Other things you could do while cleaning is listening to audio books. The one I’m currently listening to is ‘born a crime ‘ by Trevor Noah.

You can also do it as a competition within yourself. This is especially fun when you have set time and try to beat it. Or trying to be faster than yesterday. Always remember, all work without Play make us all grumpy.

5. The empty hands rule.

I picked this rule from a YouTube channel pick up lines. It’s mainly a minimalism channel. She says that always make sure that you leave a room with something in your hands. This is how you keep everything in its place. Before you leave a room always ensure that you carry with you anything that doesn’t belong there and take it to it’s rightful place. Only leave a room empty handed if you have nothing to carry out.

If you want more tip on how to ‘s leave a comment below and I’ll be at your service.


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