5 Types of Minimalists

Minimalism is not about getting rid of stuff, it is a life that is built by surrounding yourself with the things that add value to your life and those that spark joy. We are different and despite the common goal, there are different types of minimalists.

The Intentional Minimalist

These are the people who are always aware of what they are bringing in to their spaces. They are mindful of their surroundings and whatever they bring in their spaces. Intentional minimalists find it easy to say no to something they do not truly need. They have a high non-impulse buying capacity and will simply not give in to doing things that do not align with their ethics or principles

The Essentialist

Essential minimalists focus on getting rid of the things that they can live without. They normally focus on the things that they use regularly. They get things that can serve more than one purpose and last a lifetime.

Aesthetic minimalist

This is the kind of minimalist who lives for the aesthetic. They find beauty in minimal decor, coordinating colors and, aesthetically pleasing backgrounds. They always style looks that please the eye and their style almost tells it all.

The Extremist

Another major group of minimalists are the extreme ones. These are those people who get rid of all their stuff and live in an almost empty house. Extreme minimalists are the kind that will live with less than 50 or 100 items in their spaces and to be honest, I find this quite cool because it means less cleaning.

Luxurious Minimalist

Minimalism is not a radical lifestyle and by that, I mean that it does not limit you to living in a certain way. Luxury and minimalism are not seen as a combination that could go together because of all the beliefs that limit minimalism to a certain type of lifestyle. Luxurious minimalists are those that buy luxurious items that add value to their life. Minimalism is meant to make someone’s life be comfortable and mindful. If someone finds these in luxury goods, I do not see how that would make them a lesser minimalist. Unless they are buying excessively or impulsively then that would not really be healthy.

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