Caring too much? / 5 things we need to stop caring about

I know that I care too much and this is probably the root cause of my overthinking. So why don’t we just stop this unfortunate bad tendency once and for all. I am going to keep this one short and precise.

Other people’s opinion

There are approximately 7.6 billion people in the world. If you were to meet all of them that would be 7.6 billion different opinions. Are you ready to carry all that in your mind. Personally, No thank you. There is literally only one persons opinion that you should care about and that is yours. Whatever consequences and results you harvest, you can bare responsibility because it was your own opinion in the first place.

People walking out of your life

I have walked out of peoples life and it was a decision I made. And probably is was good for the other person too. So don’t take it as an insult when someone want’s to give you space. You probably won’t feel much impact especially if they were not being active in your life or of they were toxic. Isn’t it even better off? People walk out for many reasons and let them. That is what they want, forcing them to stay might result in a toxic situation-ships and we are not here for that.

People who don’t genuinely care about you

This people, keep them at a distance. They might seem as friends but with hidden intentions. Stop caring too much about them if they only show up when they are in need or in your times of success. People who genuinely care will be there for you throughout. Those are the people you should also care about wholeheartedly.


I have never understood why we are so insecure about our age. Aging is an ongoing process for everyone. Even a new born baby is aging by the millisecond. Can we just take a moment to appreciate our age. I understand that it is flattering to look younger than our age but we ought not to take it too far.

Past mistakes

We all have those. We all regret something that we did in the past but now it is time to move forward. What ever it is that you keep thinking about was meant to be for a reason or a lesson. Take it as that and live your best life. Life happens and maybe you might make another mistake in the future, Who knows? That is life and these things are bound to happen especially when it is not intentional. So don’t judge yourself harshly and move on. It is what it is! Right?

Photo credits: Photo by Monika Kozub on Unsplash

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