Welcome to the first challenge. I mentioned in my previous post, .I will be posting up the challenges on Sunday evening and we’ll see the results at the end of the week. Today I want to start with something really simple and casual. I want us to give everything that we own a home.

Allocating homes for specific items around the house is a very helpful way to reduce time wastage and mental breakdowns. Sometimes looking for something can bring out the worst in us. Our trust is often put in trial. ” Try losing the remote control and you’ll see what I mean. “

So for this week’s challenge, I want us to try setting up a place for all those little miscellaneous things. Keys, pins, nail cutter, remote control and your makeup items of course. Everything should have a specific place that becomes its home for good unless you do a reshuffle.

On Saturday, we’ll see how we did. Let your friends know so that we can start a community that is geared towards success.


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