Last week we started off with this new journey of challenging ourselves and I must say, I was very Impressed by a large number of you. Our challenge was to ensure that everything we own has its specified home. Many of you gave me your feedback and told me that you had already done that long before I posted the challenge. For that, I am genuinely happy for you.

This week, I want us to have something that is a little more out of our daily routine. Most of you have heard about this or even tried it but it was just hard to stick up to it. I am talking about meditation. I am among those who have practiced it but along the way, I lost focus. Meditation has been scientifically proven to enable the human brain to rewire and refocus. It is known to help in calming anxiety, relieving stress and helps in sleeping too.

On a personal level, I enjoy meditating in the morning. I do this so that I can start my morning with a clear mind. The beauty of meditation is that it can be done by anyone at any time. All you need is a few minutes of your time and focus on your surrounding.

For a beginner, I highly recommend breathing practices. Sit up, close your eyes and start breathing.

Here’s how I do it:

Breath in counting 1 2 3, Hold your breath and count 1 2 3, Breath out counting 1 2 3, Hold your breath and count 1 2 3. Do this 5 more times and start breathing regularly but still focusing on your breath. If your mind starts wondering, refocus on your breath. By following this simple technique, you will be teaching your brain to focus on what is most important at a time. Alternatively, you can download some applications that will offer guided meditations. Some of my favorites include Headspace, Calm and 10% happier.

This week, I want us to learn how to focus. Through meditation, we will be able to be mindful of our surrounding. It is through focusing on your breath that you allow your mind to be free. Just focusing on one main thing and that is your breath enables you to relax your muscles and be more in touch with your present self. With time, we will intergrate it to our routine and we will have some affirmed habits that are better for our well being.

Leave your remarks on the comment section and let us interact and learn from each other.


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