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Challenge Accepted

I had this idea just now, like just now. I have just talked to my boyfriend and he thinks it’s a good idea. So why not give it a shot. I have made an important resolution this year. I decided that once I have a good idea, I should work on it and see where it leads me. If it gives me good results then that’s a plus and if it doesn’t work, I either work on it or leave it for those who can.

I am starting a new category where I will be posting up some challenges that will be focusing on personal growth and development. I hope to achieve wellness and productivity in the long run. Some of these challenges will be taxing and some will be really easy. They will be balanced. I will be posting the challenges on a weekly basis. Doing the challenges weekly will be quite interesting and will help us keep up with the pace.

Examples of the challenges we will be doing:

  • Waking up at 5 or 4 am
  • Drinking water regularly
  • walking instead of taking the bus
  • Working out in the morning
  • Working out in the evening
  • Meditating consistently, etc.

If you find this interesting, invite your friends and let us start the year doing things that will build us up. January 2020, we should be able to see results and be proud of what we will have accomplished out of the 51 challenges we did in 2019.

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I will be posting them on Sunday so that we can start practicing the various activities on Monday. On Saturday, we will be sharing our feedback on the week’s challenge in hopes of building up a community where we can interact and help each other grow. When we work together we grow together we become better together.


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