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In my previous posts, I have talked a lot about de-cluttering and freeing up your spaces. I had mentioned that I would be doing a weekly update on how you can take care of different rooms in your house. Most of us tend to lean upon the method of doing a “general cleaning” once in a while, let’s say once a month or even bi-weekly. This definitely sounds like a great idea but it’s not. Obviously, I do not like it. I think this is not the best method to keep our places clean. Whether we like it or not there will always be dust and small particles that will fall every now and then and the end result is not a pleasant one. I have tried this and judging from experience, general cleaning is tiresome and time-consuming. It can take up hours or even a whole day if not two.

I simplify my cleaning habits by breaking them down into everyday simple tasks. They usually take ten to twenty minutes at most. I have curated this simple habits over a period of time. They fit perfectly into my daily schedule. And by the way, I hope that you’ve already completed de-cluttering or getting rid of those things we talked about. Every day, I set a couple of minutes in the morning to do a little cleaning and tidying.

My daily cleaning goes a little like this.

  • Mondays – Mop the entire house
  • Tuesday – Dust all the surfaces. To avoid much hustle in this, it is good to ensure that your surfaces are empty or have minimal decorations. This will save you a lot of time and energy.
  • Wednesday – Empty the bins and pay special attention to the kitchen
  • Thursday – Clean the bathroom. You should also be moping the bathroom floors more regularly after showers.
  • Friday¬†– Laundry day
  • Saturday – Small fixes around the house
  • Sunday –¬†Why not take the day off!

Note that this is my personal routine and it can change depending on your time and schedule. I Like doing these activities in the morning so that during the evening when I’m coming from school or work, I will be coming to a clean and tidy house. This usually smooths out my evenings enabling me to be more productive on my evening projects. In one of my previous posts, I gave some tips on how to keep your house always clean and tidy. Make sure you read it after this since these two go hand in hand.

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