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I am a conflicted human being. I sometimes feel like I have figured out everything that I want in life. But many times I feel like I am still just lurking. I get the feeling that I have all this choices to make but somehow I am limited. This is honestly not the best. My circumstances are depriving me of what I would call exploration but then again I don’t want to lose what I am working on. I get the notion that I am blocking myself but am I really?

Okay, I know that this may look like a pity party kind of a post but I think it’s necessary. I want to talk about this and honestly, the music that I’m listening to gives me the vibes.

I have always thought to myself that maybe my life will change once I am free and Independent and everything else but, will it really? Life is pretty great like it is right now, ” especially the part that I have close to zero responsibilities.” I have all the time in the world where I can write and do other stuff but I still feel like I am not in an ideal position to do all the things that I would want to do.

Then again comes the questions, would I be doing those things if the circumstances were ideal? “have it in mind that there is never really an ideal situation.” Am I just being lazy and blaming it o the things that I can’t control? Am I letting fear get to me in such a way that it makes me see things as Impossible? Or am I just so much in my head?

Some choices are hard to make but they are worth the try, they say that it is better to try and fail than fail to try. I agree with this 100 %. Which is why I am giving up all these excuses that have been blocking my mind. I have so many what if’s and I know that once I get past them, I will probably have taken my first step. The most important one to be honest.

That has been my struggle, what have you been struggling with and what can you do to get past it? Be honest with your self. It is not a simple practice.

Live your truth

Sometimes we lie to ourselves so much, we become a lie, live a lie and slowly we forget our truths. Find your truth and build on it. In doing this, you become a happier, freer, positive and a mindful individual. Lies are like blinds, they make you see only what is good for a short time but with truths, you see a brighter future. The truth may be rough and hard, to begin with, but in the long run, everything just falls in the right places. A foundation built on positivity and trust and mindfulness is stronger and this is what we should be aiming for.

I don’t have more to say, just live truthfully and be a good person. There is no one time that goodness or kindness is repaid with negativity. Create a harmonious environment with the surroundings, the people around you and the things around you. Nothing feels so good like knowing that you are in peace with everything. I promise it is the best feeling ever. Try meditating.

When you have all that, you will have a clear mind that will help you make the right choices. A clear sub-conscious helps to ensure that you are not conflicted from within. Life is just so much easier to deal with and when challenges come, you can face them from a point of your truths and your principals. Let these be your guide.


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