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Getting Rid of Unhealthy Relationships

Previously, I told you guys that I would go into details on how to get rid of all those things l mentioned. But today I don’t feel like talking about things rather, I want to go into details about relationships. something that we all have in one way or another. The relationships we have are among the top factors that usually influence our lives and the decisions that we make. This is why we need to talk about getting rid of unhealthy relationships.

No man is an island, so they say”

I do believe that a man would function well as an Island which invites people in and let people out whenever necessary. And don’t get me wrong, I know this might bring up some controversies. This might sound like a selfish thing but let’s get into the details. I mentioned 8 groups of unhealthy relationships you should get rid of in the list of things to get rid of. Among these were:

  1. Friends who contact you when only in need
  2. People who you no longer enjoy their company
  3. Broken relationships
  4. People who you work so hard to please, and many more.

One would think that I am just being self-centered by getting rid of this kind of people. I have a different opinion. This comes to how much I want to live my life without having drama. I do not like being the center of attention and therefore if I sense trouble, I solve the problem or get rid of it. I never knew how to let people go without hurting either party but now, I can say that I try. And I try by keeping my distance and trusting less. This way it is usually less hurtful, especially when dealing with mates. It also comes down to how much value one is adding into my life and how much value I add to theirs.

Why you need to let go of these relationships

First, it is not a bad thing to want your space and freedom. It is rather self-depriving when you are not being fulfilled simply because someone is not letting you. Maybe they’re holding you back. Truth be told, not everyone will be happy for you when you are about to do something great. That is expected.

What I am against is letting them destroy you when you have the ability to let them go. Criticism is not a bad thing, that is not what I am talking about unless the one who’s doing that have the motive of letting you down. I am talking about those people who will stab you on your back with the first chance they get. Those people who will walk into your life only in the good times but leave at the first sight of an unwelcome situation. We really don’t need these people in our lives. They are like an extra burden that we carry with us despite them not adding any value to our life.

What’s the point? This is real life, it is unlike Instagram where someone will unfollow you when you unfollow. In Instagram, we want a lot of virtual followers but in real life, we need people who actually care and will be there in all times. Both in our highs and lows. I have let a few people down, and I felt bad for that because they are people who are of value to me. And as much as this happened, these people still are close to me because they are understanding. Understanding each other is a factor that will keep both parties in check.

I have talked about keeping only the things and people who add value to us. Honestly, that is how we grow. The opposite of these is also so true. Sometimes we need to let go of people to create space for better people. By removing the negative energy from your life, you create more space for wellness.

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