Glow as you grow/ 5 tips on how to glow up effortlessly

So you want to glow up? Maybe you just felt like you have a lot of toxicity around you or you just want to live a better lifestyle. Well, this won’t exactly tell you how to have the perfect lifestyle but you can be assured that it will get you on that path. So, let’s glow up!

Leave all the toxicity behind

We have all encountered some toxicity in our lives in one way or another. Be it at work, home, school, or anywhere around people. Truth is, the world we live in today is full of so much negativity. “This is why I will always preach positivity.” No matter the kind of toxicity you might have come across, just let it go. Allowing yourself to be burdened by things that happened or were said in the past will always be dragging you down. You don’t want this as you are leveling up. Leave all to the past and move forward.

Learn to forgive and give up on hatred

There are some things that no matter how much we might want to change, they’ll remain the same. Stop being bothered by people who wronged you, they did it and if they never asked for forgiveness, just let it go and you might even want to forgive and forget. Why am I saying this? Because some feelings will not bring us joy but more like the opposite. Our main purpose is to enjoy life without being held back by the things that deprive us of this Joy. Hatred is a killer disease, once you plant the seeds of hatred in your heart, you will lose to see the beauty of a forgiving heart.

Guard your Aura

Your aura is the energy you give when you are around people. It is what makes people want to be around you or away from you. To guard your aura simply means that you have control over your temperament. Can other people easily influence how you feel or the energy you radiate? Can something that is out of your control poison your mood? If yes, then you will have to learn how to guard your temperament. I will tell you how in another post. But for now, my advice to you is to have an attitude of acceptance.

Know your style and always dress up!

I know this might seem like a lot to do. Always Dress up! Why? For Who? I don’t care what people say! All these are thoughts that might be crossing your mind now. But let us be honest with ourselves, the saying that people will judge you by your appearance first is a statement that stands for itself. Also, looking good is usually an instant confidence booster. Putting a little effort in how you present yourself may be the reason that people treat you better. Looking well put-together might give people the impression that you can handle tasks better and that opens doors for greater responsibilities. That is just basic human psychology. So, learn what looks best on you and shop for items that flatter your body’s shape and size. Remember, Just because it looks great on someone else wont necessarily give you the same results.

Take care of your skin

When I say take care of your skin, I am not only talking about your face dear, I mean your entire body. Most people focus on their face and ignore the neck going down. Your entire body needs to glow just as much. Having a smooth odorless body is something that we should all be craving for. Trust me you don’t want to be that person who people stay away from because you stink. That in itself could cost you some great opportunities. The least you can is shower daily, even twice a day if you can. Basic human hygiene is a must. No excuses for not doing the bare minimum!

Photo credits: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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