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For the longest time, I never saw how you could pair red with more red,  maroon with more maroon,  and so on with the bold colours. I was so naive that I stuck with the idea of always toning down the bold pieces I had with something neutral. This is the norm for the majority.  I hate being confined to a certain ideology that limits me from exploiting any potential, even if it means wearing the boldest colors to make my point be heard.  

A great number of people usually think that monochrome is only limited to neutral colours. The Greys, blacks, whites and so on. I detest that.  Monochrome is simply putting colors of the same color range together to be complements of each other. 

Take a look at this picture.  See how I pair up my one line maroon skirt with a maroon turtle neck.  These two are the perfect example because they make each other stand out. I minimize the accessories and make the look bold enough with the cream white stilletos.  

Anyone who loves fashion knows that it’s one thing to look good but it’s a major thing to make a statement.  Being bold does the latter effortlessly.  That is why I encourage you guys to step out of your ok zones and let’s revive fashion in our streets.  Be bold and show it to the world. 

How bold can you go? Tag me your version of this  on instagram and facebook and Leave your comments below. 


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