Hey 2020

It has been a long while since the last time I wrote something or talked to you. I have been off the grid for a while but I’m here now. So, Hey 2020… what you got in store for me?

Let’s review 2019

Last year was one of a kind. So much happened and so much changed me as a person. I will just go ahead and narrate my 2019 like a story.

The year started on some really high energies and vibes and I actually felt so good about myself and how everything had begun in such a high tone. I learned control over my urges, I was disciplined more than ever and I had so much joy in what I was doing. This was the trend that continued on for the next couple of months and I was on a constant high.

I was in love, my writing was flowing and everything fit perfectly in place. Even produced some of my best read posts and I could tell my podcast was getting better with each episode. God, I miss this high!

Come June, things suddenly changed. In an instant, everything changed and just like that, I went from 100 to 0. Lost all the energy and the zeal to do anything. I kept on saying that I’m giving myself space to study but came to realize that this was just an excuse to be lazy. I procrastinated until it felt like it was too late to come back.

When I look back at it, I did myself wrong when I was on a constant high. I never gave myself time and space to relax. I was constantly doing something or thinking of what to do next. What I learned is that you will always be thinking about the next thing, your next move, your next mission and this will never stop. The most important thing to do is to realize when you start getting carried away. Take a step back and chill, take a day or two off, meditate as often as you can, go out and enjoy life. Just RELAX!

Come 2020, I am looking forward to one of the best years. I took a chill pill and I been feeling so good lately. January was not really what I envisioned it being like. I still lacked the motivation to write or record anything for the podcast. I have been writing but I lost the motivation to complete and actually post anything.

But come Feb, I am about to change how things have been running for the past couple of months. I’m getting back at it come rain come sunshine. This year it is going to be different. No more postponing nor lazying around. No more taking things too seriously nor overthinking. The later is what really brought me down and I ain’t about to let that get to me again.

I want to live the life that will set a path towards my ideal. This year I am all about establishing deeper connections with people who add value to my life, keeping my family and friends close and making peace wherever I am at. I am about to evaluate my choices and when doing this I will be more mindful and not Mind Full.

So, here is to 2020, the year that I get my mind back in the game. 7months later…

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