What really is clutter?

From my understanding, it simply is a mess, disorder, untidiness, litter; it is anything that brings confusion. Clutter comes in many shapes and sizes; it can be physical, psychological and emotional. Sometimes we are encumbered by clutter in all ways. This is not a healthy state. It can lead to bodily depreciation. Clutter can be everywhere. Where we live, what we eat, what we wear, what we think, who we are around, and our very surrounding could be filled with messes of all kinds. It’s usually up to us to create a clutter free surrounding.

Let us break this down more,

Physical clutter: this is one which is all over us, the worst being one where you have everything laying around the space and leaving you with minimal or no space to move around. Space is freedom, and freedom feels great. Sometimes physical clutter can be hidden, behind the doors, the closets, the wardrobes; the fact that you have storage for almost everything doesn’t really mean that you have zero clutter that just means that you have kept it, hidden it rather. Just look back and think of the many items that you almost never use but they are well stored. Isn’t that just clutter?

Psychological clutter: how many things are you burdened with that make you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world? Now is that fair to yourself? Are you really doing yourself any good? It is pretty much normal to be stressed but too much of it is really harmful to your health and imagine of the risk you are putting yourself in, I fear being depressed, I have been there or some sort of it and it’s not something I’d want to experience ever again . That is why I let out everything that is troubling me. Always have a way to let things out, you can cry, share it with your friend, write it down or just do something to get it off your chest. It feels good. Life should be fun.

Emotional clutter: relationships, toxic relationships, I want to believe that the number one reason for emotional breakdowns is bad relationships and toxic situationships. Relationships are good for a greater part of the deal but often they can turn to be really ugly and this in itself could be clutter. Now, being in relationships that are not adding any value to your livelihood and doing the opposite instead can be a lot more dangerous. I’ve heard of people who get literally depressed from intoxicating situations. Families, friends, people around us can affect our lives a great deal. Often we care too much about what these people think about us we end up losing who we are meant to be. This just means that these people are influencing us in somehow the wrong way, we should at least be around people who encourage us to be the better versions of ourselves and not the inverse because truth be told, no one can play your role better than you.

Clean up the clutter

Get rid of the clutter, clean up the mess around you. Its liberating, space, space, space… space is an essential for a healthy living. Whenever there’s space, you enjoy doing stuff. Clean up behind those closed doors, donate the excess, or resell and earn a few shillings instead. You don’t have to do everything at once, you can clean up bit by bit. If you want to see the transformation though, I’d suggest you get rid of it all in the shortest time you can. Liberate yourself from the people who are constantly bringing you down, success comes when you are around those who encourage you and see the best in you.

Let me know your thoughts on living a clutter free life in the comments sections.


  • Alex Mureithi

    Yap i did bought it yesterday but today definitely it’s clutter.
    Yap it was one of the most perfect relationship i ever had but today definitely it’s clutter.
    Yap it was one of the most perfect idea i ever had but today definitely it’s clutter.
    I tend to think to some point that everything that has a beginning has to have an end. What matters it’s not the end but how it ends. If it ends badly it definitely becomes clutter. So i think to avoid the whole issue about cluttering and decluttering we have to choose wisely on whatever we want , be it materialistic, ideas or even relationships. God bless.

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