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Me Time

It has been a minute since I last posted something to read for you guys. By that title, you can already tell that I had taken some “me time” to figure out my true essence.

The world today is filled with so many distractions and this is quite overwhelming. Sometimes it is nice to chill out and just watch the pace at which the world is moving. I know this might sound a bit ridiculous but there is some growth that comes along with this experience.

What is “Me Time?”

I like to believe that this is the time and period which you take to evaluate and analyze your decisions. It is the moment you start thinking about how to move forward and upgrade yourself towards the person who you think is the ideal version of yourself. Let us be true to ourselves for a second, it is literally impossible to be our ideal versions. Mishaps will always be there. The reason as to why they will always be there is to keep us on track.

Having a period of time where you can just focus on yourself really helps in finding your path. I remember speaking to one of my friends a few days ago and I was telling him that can’t see my path. This was one of those moments when we think that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The truth is that I had just started digging. The reason I kept feeling like a failure was because I was way ahead of myself.

I was too overwhelmed by the circumstances around me. Poor planning is what I had. Whenever we are hit by poor planning, things seem like they are not working towards our favor. But when we sit down and reschedule, rearrange our moves and come up with a comprehensive plan, things will start moving forward.

The Ideal Version

I am writing this, with the surety that I am a better person now. I am not the ideal person but I know what that would be and it is what I’m working towards. The version keeps changing and we adjust with the change.

For Instance, Maybe a few years back, I thought the Ideal version of me would be living the “American Dream”. (I’m not american.) Nice rides, a big home, a great permanent-sh office job, You get what I’m saying. Honestly, If you ask me now, I don’t want any of that apart from the big home, but not really big like unmanageable big, like the kind that is….just a nice home. If you ask me what my ideal version is today, you will be shocked, my Ideal version doesn’t own any of that material stuff but is happier with what she does and what she have.

During my Me Time, I kind of figured out that I was so stuck into following a path but I did not know which one. Of course it is now clear to me and I know what I really want. But, that alone is not important, that alone is just a vision and you will keep on failing without knowing the purpose as to why you want what you want.

The why factor

The moment you work out on your why factor, my friend, you are good to go. The why factor defines your motive. The reasons as to why you are doing what you are doing. I would urge you to get this part clear, define your why. Everyday you wake up and you know what to do but you are not clear about why you want to do it, getting the thing done can be quite challanging. For example, If you want to start working out or eating healthy, this is a very good resolution. Maybe you want to do this because you want to be healthier or because you want to feel better about yourself, see you already have a reason as to why you want to do those things.

Always ensure that you define the reasons, yes you want to work out to be healthy but why do you want that? Is it because you want to live long or because you want to maintain a sexy body or because you want to feel good about yourself always? Ask your self as many questions you can. When you put so much effort in making decisions, you are more likely to make them work. Unlike just making a hurried decision.

Take your time

During your time, take as much time as you think you will need to gather up yourself. It can be days or weeks, do not dive in to doing something because you feel like you will not be consistent. As much as consistency is a very great value to uphold, sometimes it is better to with hold until you come up with a favorable plan.

We strive so much to keep up with consistency in such a way that we get lost in the mix. You will always need time to retrace, resurface and check if you’re still on track. Take some me time, you will be honoring your mind and your body.

With that being said, I would like to remind you of the challenges. Yes, they’re back baby, and this time round there is no stopping. Buckle up, because somebody is about to get their psychological, mental, physical and spiritual health awakened.

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