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My Androgyny


Well, some of us are still influenced by circumstances and factors that deceive our perception and opinions about androgyny.

What is androgyny?

I never knew what this was until two three years back, as the Google dictionary describes it, “Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Gender ambiguity may be found in fashion , gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle . It can also refer to one’s singing or speaking voice.”

Being androgynous is articulately beautiful. Let’s call a spade a spade. This people will almost always woo you down with their looks, personality and everything else about them. It’s amazing right,masculine yet feminine and the inverse. My curiosity led me to a journey of going through google and jeez, these people are so gorgeous, i have to emphasize on this. I wish I could post their pictures but, err, i don’t want to be in trouble, you know,rights, copyrights and everything.

Then I discovered, being androgynous is a lot more different from being a tomboy. I always thought it was somehow the same thing but no, not at all. Except for some who combine this two, makes it better. I checked the fashion industry and some of the most amazing models are playing both roles (male and female). I wish I could do it but I can’t even model in the first place, imagine the opportunities, could it be any better? Yes, it always gets better. More friends, more adventures, more… everything.

Let me tell you a story, i was a pretty little kid at my granny’s. Imagine an eight years old in short shorts, a big oversized sweater and a cap i took from my uncle,long striped socks and sports shoes. We were running our daily errands when my grandpa’s friend came, (this is the interesting part ) after taking with my grandpa for a while, he came to me as we talked he referred to me the whole time as a grandson. It actually never occurred to me until just a few days ago, i always thought it was due to his age but he wasn’t that old though.

To some people, it’s irritable when someone mistakenly misgenders* you.(i just came up with that, misgender, ha! ). I don’t understand why but that has never been a bother to me. I’ve been told severally that i look like a handsome guy and that makes me feel confident. I don’t know why and how but i take it as a compliment. I relate that to being strong and bold. At least something like that.

Having that said, i feel like many people are still in the shackles of neglecting and ignoring these kind of people and to some point it disappointing. In some communities it’s seen as a taboo or something bad. Sometimes, this people are given bad names and shamed and made to feel guilty especially when they are physically androgynous. In most cases, they were wrongly judged. People will see a feminine guy and immediately conclude that he is gay or transgender and that is not nice. I have nothing against being gay and the whole lgbtq…….community,,  but I’m against labels which is another topic for another day. Being androgynous shouldn’t be a gateway to a life full of people who are trying to make you feel uncomfortable. A lot worse is when you are bound to dress up in a certain way to satisfy people’s image of who you should be instead of who you really are. I mean, that could be depressing.

I appreciate diversity and so should everyone. Being androgynous is beautiful and no one should be leveled down for being a little different from the norm.

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