Nduhi Mary 20170530_193335I have never really thought of this as a routine because there are days, many days, that I am just too sly and lazy to do anything to my face. But on the days that I usually prep my face, it is the simplest and most convenient way to keep my face hydrated, moisturized and clean. I have a morning and evening routine.

For my mornings, this is what I do, very simple

Wash my face with soap in circular motions. I find this convenient since it gives me wider coverage than just rubbing it up and down or sideways. I rinse with lukewarm water and then wipe with a clean towel. I usually just dab it until I am done. Dabbing ensures that a little moisture is kept in. I do this when am showering so it’s not a big deal.

Apply my usual moisturizing cream or oil or whatever I have at the time. I like Nivea products therefore that is what I normally use for moisture.

Apply my daily skin treatment cream. I like Faiza. It’s cheap and available and it works magic on my face.

I don’t really do much make up. I only own one makeup brush. After my creams, I usually just take the setting powder and dub it around my face. Little amounts, very little just to keep off the shine. Then I am done.

I then do my eyebrows and lips and that’s basically it.


My makeup is almost natural. It’s more like the minimalistic kind of make up just that I am more of the natural kind. This gets me through the day with no worry that I might get oily and sweaty despite me having an oily face.


During the evening:

I use my facial cleanser and make up remover to clear my face from the days dust and makeup and any other stuff that may be on my face.

Rinse my face from the cleanser.

Scrub my face. I usually scrub my face once or twice a week to get rid of any stubborn dead cells.

Rinse my face again.

Put on my face mask which I normally do fortnightly.

Rinse my face. Dab it with a clean towel, apply my moisturizer and then sleep.


It is as simple as ABC, nothing complicated. With this I keep my face clean and free from blackheads and whiteheads.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comment and be sure I will reply.

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