Protect your Energy / 5 tips to guarding your Aura

Have you ever come across someone and you just felt like they are warm, vibrant and happy? Or maybe they were cold, bitter and uninviting. This is simply what I mean by energy. It is the vibration that we put out to the universe depending on different circumstances and environment.

The universe is made up all all sorts of energies both good and bad, high and low, yin and yang etc, you know what I mean. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that there is more positive than negative energy surrounding us. Cleansing our energy should therefore be a part of the things that we regularly do. The same way you cleanse your body, you should so the same to your energy in order to guard your aura.

Become a more loving person

I like to believe that if everyone just had a little more loving, a little more kindness and a little more aware, the world would be better. Start by loving yourself unconditionally. Be kind yourself and watch how that energy radiates. No need to mention that you will attract more love and kindness from the universe too. Guarding your aura is more like letting it be filled with all the positive energies.

Keep a clean surrounding

I believe that cleanliness is second to Godliness. When your surrounding is sparkling and tidy, there is no chaos to disrupt your mind visually. Instead there is an overwhelming feeling of calmness when you enter a clean space. For this reason, should always ensure that your home is magnificent and a safe place for you to unwind and be filled with all the good energies.

Stop reacting

I know this sounds absurd and almost impossible but it is actually a a very effective way to guarding your aura. Imagine a scenario where you are stuck in traffic or someone cut’s you in line. This is enough to make you angry and spoil the rest of your day. But what if you don’t react and just move on with your day as if nothing happened, you are more likely to even forget about the bad thing that happened because you chose to ignore those bad feelings. I know sometimes it goes overboard and we suddenly react but you can also get over this the moment you catch yourself in the act. Just have an acceptance attitude and move forward from there. Being angry and shouting and bottling up negative emotions never solve anything. It only makes the situation more hostile for everyone around you.

So next time you are caught up in an argument, just talk it out and avoid using negative words while at it. Create an atmosphere of expressing and not arguing. This way you minimize chances of that negativity being stuck in your aura.


When you have a strong and healthy mind, you can visualize things and situations from different perspectives. That is why activities such as meditating and yoga can be of great benefit to guarding your aura. When you are calm and in a peaceful position, that is when you are able to resolve issues that might be bringing you down. Clearing your mind also allows you to be more inviting for the energies you want to attract.


One of the greatest sources of having a positive attitude towards life is by use of words that have meaning to you. For instance, if you say to your self every morning “I am grateful for all the love,” that simple statement starts to radiate. But you need to believe in it in order to attract it. If you believe what you say, you automatically start doing those things to your self and soon after others follow suit. It is simply how the universe works. If you affirm to yourself that you are brilliant and rich and nothing can stop you, trust me, soon people will feel it too and that is the kind of energy you want to surround yourself with.

Remember to always do things with the right intentions. Even the reason as to why you are guarding your aura should be for the greater good. It is to protect both you and the outside world from any negativity that may come your way.

Photo credits: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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