For the longest time i wanted to write a Q&A but I shy off from the audience. I was afraid I’d be letting me out too much. But people still questioned me directly. Some questions I didn’t have answers to,and since I don’t like disappointing, i researched until I could give solid answers. With this, I got an interesting to do a Q&A blog post, I asked you to ask me the things you’d like to know and you did. Though many of you asked similar questions, they’ll all be answered.

So without further do :

1. What is minimalism?

According to my definition, minimalism is a lifestyle. It’s the opposite of maximalism. I link minimalism with the saying less is more. Having less creates space you can work with which translates to more freedom and more control over everything that surrounds you.

2. Why are you a minimalist?

Because it’s freeing. I became a minimalist unknowingly until I discovered that what I was doing was actually minimalism. Afterwards I went all in and I’d never want to go back to the cluttered self i was.

3. What’s your experience as a minimalist so far?

I’ve only been a minimalist for a couple of months and I truly love it. There is less to deal with and I spend wisely. My time is well organized and I have become a better version of me.

4. Could you outline the benefits that come out of minimalism?

Minimalism comes with lots of benefits.

  • You create room for creativity by freeing your mind and space.
  • It saves you resources like time and money when it comes to shopping
  • Minimalism enables you to have a healthy living both physically and emotionally

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5. What is your MBTI(Mayer Briggs Type Indicator)

I have never taken the test professionally but I’m the typical genius, that’s what they say. I am the INTP( introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiver) kind.

6.Are you organised or disorganized?

Honestly, I am a very organized person. But there are times when laziness takes the center stage.

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7. What topics will I be covering on my blog?

Lifestyle, styles and fashion. But mainly things to do with minimalism.

8. What is the best advice you have ever received?

That life doesn’t have a rehearsal, just live, laugh and love. Above all smile.

9. What is the best advice you have to give?

Be your authentic self cause no one can do you better than you.

10. What superhero ability would you want to have given the chance?

The ability to have my brain functioning at 100% throughout.

11. Describe yourself in two words

Authentic and amazing

12. Why do I only upload pictures of me on instagram?

Because it’s my personal album that I like sharing with you. That’s why I take time editing for a flawless theme. Thanks for following by the way.

13. Aside from blogging, what else do you do?

I am a part time student studying Accounting CPA, sometimes I do online writing and I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel.

14. What is your all time favorite quote

Be real and just do it.

That’s all i had for you guys today. Most of the questions were almost the same and i think i did some justice.

If you have more questions, leave them below, promise I’ll answer them all. leave your comments below, like and share this post.

stay tuned for more Posts.

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