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Reconsider Your Habits

The year has begun on a good note. I woke up relatively early today being a holiday. It was 8 am. I did not feel lazy or tired or grumpy when waking up despite having slept late yesterday. I drank a glass of water and made breakfast which was a tomato sandwich, this is me eating healthy, and tea. Afterward, I did a calming meditation for ten minutes and then I worked out for about thirty minutes. Took a warm shower and put on some great-ish makeup despite the fact that I will be at home for the entire day. Now I’m writing this.

Tell me that this is not a successful way to start my year and I will disagree. One of the best things you can do as you usher in the year is to reconsider your habits. Do some filtering. Keep the good habits and let go of the bad ones. Sometimes changing from bad to good habits can be a tough task. It is not meant to be easy and once you start, you will notice that the end results are much much better and this will keep you motivated.

Always have an end goal.

Have something that you are looking forward to. In the beginning, it might seem unreachable but halfway through you will notice positive changes. For instance, If you are starting a business today, you do not expect to see profits immediately. There will be instances you will want to give up due to high loses but if you give it time, your fruits will start to reap. This is what many people fail to understand, that everything needs time before you start seeing good results.

Today being the first day of the year, I want to share with you my resolutions. I am doing this in hopes that publicizing them will push me harder to work towards them.

  1. Write Consistently
  2. Focus on my physical, mental and spiritual health
  3. Be mindful and
  4. practice gratitude

I wish you all peace, mindfulness and positivity in the year 2019. Be good and kind to one another.


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