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Seeds of the 90’s

They are the Mr and Mrs knows it all, they already can sing to the new Beyonce’s single lemonade. They know what where and when the next big thing Will be. They are the socialites in their local towns. They know the latest fashion trends, the newest hair styles and the most expensive shits in the markets. But they have nothing but the pocket money they’re given by their very generous parents for whatever the hell they want and some are even luckier to have sponsors who will pamper them a little bit more in exchange for their pretty little bodies. This kids will tell you the whole lineup of the NBC Sports or the latest movies lineup narrating each like they are the directors but they can’t narrate the first twenty chemical elements in the periodic table. I swear the only TV lineup i had was the one for cartoon network like I could tell what comes after the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy and what could preceed courage the cowardly dog… I mean who didn’t 😜.  But this kid of the nineties will spend a whole lifetime lazying around eating watching TV and sleeping and yet you hear them say they want to live in luxurious houses driving luxurious cars and a flashy lifestyle, boys and girls you’re so dreaming and darlings not all dreams come true. Yes you have that degree that probably you got from a nice university which you went to through some back door illegalities
, but that’s not my problem. You see that is an achievement. But what do you do with that degree? You effing misuse it and lose all the opportunities thinking that good stuff comes easy and you look for white collar jobs which are indeed very limited and when you lose your chances you start complaining that there are no jobs. And later we bury you because you were caught stealing and got yourself run over by an angry mob. Seriously guys you’ve got all the right dreams but trying to get to them with your priorities all being wrong. You want to have a Bugatti yet you don’t even have a place to park it. Dear reader of this generation please get your priorities right. I mean this are the kind of people you’ll get with the most flashy tattoos ,always in the gym working out for the most wrong reasons. If you are to work out make it for your own health brother and sister. Not because you want to be the next Kim Kardashian or that Hot actot who is always shirtless showing off his abs. You know what I mean. Do what you do for the right purpose. The child of the nineties will brush shoulders with you and goddammit you will be in for some rude stuff coming from them. To most of them they feel like they own the entire universe and once you are on their wrong side you’ll wish the earth swallows you. They have an ego which they often mistake for confidence rather esteem forgetting they are barely surviving on pocket money in a single room where their best meal is always fries and maybe chicken. And their side hustle is that old man who could possibly be agemates with their fathers and God why do I find this so gross even to imagine. When this kids step out in town you’d think they’re so posh until they start talking all the wrong things and in public. I miss those old golden days where some things were just not allowed. This are the people who you’ll find with the most expensive phones but they misuse the phones and that hurts me Because they belittle the phones and use them for the wrong agendas talking nothing but immoral stuff. Guys where did the morals go to?  This people are social socialpaths because their bestfriends are those people they recently met on social media… How do you know this people aren’t serial killers? That idea freaks me out. You’ll be in a bus and this kid will sit next to you for a whole six hours journey laughing so hard at whatever is on the phone and talking funny rather unimpressive issues but they won’t take a second to atleast smile at you or maybe say hi or just notice you. They simply don’t know how to get connections. Poor them.
but I don’t blame them, I blame the technology just a little bit and the people who bring them up that is parents and guardians. Perhaps you are doing it all wrong.

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