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Usually, being organized sounds and looks like something that is just so easy. It seems like something that comes automatically and can be done without sweating it out. Honestly, it’s not. For you to have an organized lifestyle, you’ll have to put in some effort. If not then you’ll just be ending up in a mess over and again and to be true to you, you don’t want to be doing the same things over and over and over again. If not so, you’ll end up in a fortress of mess. I know you don’t want that because it just makes life hard for you.

As human beings we are designed to find the easiest way out of a compromising situation which in our case, that is being disorderly. You don’t want to be the one guy whose always late for meetings or dates or anything. I love being in time. You don’t want to be the girl who is always on the run to catch up with something. You don’t have to be that person, it takes a little bit of your commitment and discipline. For me to have a well laid out plan for the day or week, I have a couple of things that help me out.

1. A mini to-do list I always carry my small list with me. It is an essential because it’s where I put down my days goals. whenever I want to go shopping for groceries and other amenities, this is my Bible. It has saved me a whole ton of journeys to the shop having forgotten something cause everything is enlisted. I also list down all my important activities for that day. This way none goes unchecked .

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2. A watch This might look so obvious but some people use their watches as accessories and losing their other meaning. Don’t forget it’s function. It is both an accessory and your time keeper so let it be there for it’s rightful purpose. Use it. Time yourself. Get things done in time. Thank the watch later

3. A weekly schedule I personally love having a weekly schedule because it enables me to do things in time, without procrastination. Despite having a routinely kind of life which seems easy, there will always be so nothing out of the norm. A weekly schedule makes sure that my weekly goals are well executed.

4. A phone Yes, a phone. The one gadget that has so many pros and Con’s.. today I’m focusing on the advantages because that is what our topic is about. look at it this way, we have a dozen apps in our phones that help making our lives pretty much easier. Some of them help us manage our time well, for instance, the most obvious, google map, it saves you time, money and time again. (You know how).

These are my four essentials to have me organised and in track. Remember, the number one cause of a disorganized life is procrastination which is mainly caused by lack of discipline.

Let me know some of the things you have that keep you organised .


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