Storage is one of the most efficient ways to keep your house or office in check. With the right storage a place normally looks clean, neat and tidy. This is because stuff will not be lying around everywhere. The right storage also helps in saving time. You know exactly where to find something thus saving you the trouble of searching from one place to another. Storage is also efficient because it minimizes wastage of space.

I was watching the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo new series on Netflix and she talks a lot about storage. She goes over different methods of storing different things around the house. I loved the way each episode could teach a different lesson. I learned how to store without using a lot of space and in the process, I Konmaried some items that I had outgrown.

Be Cautious and Conscious

When storing your items, it is important to be cautious and conscious of what you’re putting in your drawers, closets or garages. Sometimes a lot of clutter is stored and you don’t realize this because the place looks neat after-all. Be mindful of what is behind those closed spaces and if you are, you will have a better experience with the things that you are choosing to keep. The one thing that minimalism has really helped me do is toning down the number of things I hold on and choose to keep. I am more aware of what I have and this helps me in making decisions when I want to buy something.

Nowadays, if I am to buy something, storage is one of the factors that I normally consider. This is more like a constraint that restricts me from adding things to my space which is usually occupied.

In one of my recent posts, I talked about giving everything you own it’s home. Challenge number 1 and you aced it, I am so proud of you guys. A very large percentage of you already had this done and I was very impressed. When you allocate something a specific space, you will have automatically dealt with the issue of storage.


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