The Life Changing Magic Of Minimalism

If you’re reading this you’ve probably read or heard about the life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo or the life changing magic of not giving a f*ck by Sarah Knight. Both are really awesome books that inspire one to live mindfully. If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend. So, I hereby bring to you, The Life Changing Magic Of Minimalism. Keep reading.

Minimalism by itself is a tool that can be used to get past the things which might be obstacles to achieving our goals or executing our plans.

We have all had those moments when we make plans but then we have so much in our minds we hardly concentrate on something specific. This has definitely affected me, actually as I am writing this, I have fallen back on my routine. I’m not proud, but I’m working on getting back up. That’s the most important thing, getting back up, right! For some reason, I thank minimalism during this process. It is a tool that has really helped me, in a short while I’ll tell you how.

See, minimalism is not just a lifestyle or a trend, it’s more like a platform on which you ground yourself with some basic principles that will guide you. This way, having formulated these principles by yourself, you will feel obliged to follow them thus enhancing the choices you make.

I live by these 5 simple principles;






These five have curated my personality and my mentality. Minimalism is an essential virtue too as it helps me stick to the principles. You might be asking “how so?” This is how.

See, through minimalism, I am able to eliminate a large percentage of the things that might be distractions and by doing so, I create more space for the things that in turn truly matter to me. As Marie Kondo said in her book, Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest”. Thus, the life changing magic of minimalism.

In life, we are faced with very many decisions that we have to make every day, every minute, every second.

Let’s talk more about these

Discipline: You wake up and the first thing you think about is, “should I sleep for 5 more minutes or do I just wake up”

Consistency: my work out says I should be doing a 2 minutes plank, “I might just do a minute now and a minute in the evening” really! And you want some change. Have some consistency and stick to your routine.

Relationships: How often do you spend time with the people you care the most about? how often do you communicate? How often do you choose other things above them? If you find yourself trying to remember the last time you talked to someone and they actually mean something to you, recheck your relationship.

Growth: We all want some growth. That is why we surround ourselves with the things that help us reach our goals. When I talk about growth, I mean it physically, mentally and even intellectually. According to Sarah Knight, in her book, she says this, ” Not giving a f*ck means taking care of yourself first”

Contribution: I often think that this is the major principle in my life, contribution, I always ask myself, “how do I contribute towards that thing so that I can leave it at least 1% better?” see, the little experiences in life are what make us or break us. My contribution is usually by educating people about minimalism and seeing how happy one becomes when they stop cluttering up, that gives me joy. Honesty, this makes me happy. That is why I enjoy writing these posts.

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Following these simple rules, I have curated a life that is really “easy”. And through minimalism, I have more time, more space, more freedom and more meaning on everything that I have to do.

Side thing: I know I have been missing for quite some time since 20th Jan, I am sorry for that mishap, but I’m back. Let’s see how far we can grow together. Leave suggestions on topics on minimalism and lifestyle you’d want me to cover. I appreciate your contribution.

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