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Underneath The Unfathomable Patterns

My lover and I

They’re so beautiful, right? Yet so cluttered and meandering.  Once they twinkle, a reflection in your eyes.  They indeed form psychodeliclike unfathomable patterns with every glance at the sky.  That silent night when the city is so quiet and the stars seem to find their way towards the deepest part of souls. 

We have been lying in the meadow for  one and a half hours without saying a word to each other but definitely our souls have shared more than just words.  They say that there isn’t a thing such as soulmates, I prove that wrong.  Staring at my lover’s blue titanic eyes, I feel sparks fly through my body.  She looks at me so gently, I give in and flush my eyes with a skinny giggle.  She loves when i do this,because then she knows we’re where we are supposed to be.

It’s not long before it’s two o’clock in the morning. We haven’t talked much but this is the utmost right place to be. It’s a night of a thousand miles. Taking us back to the time we set upon each other. That pleasant evening beneath the chandeliers with a glass of champagne and chocolate bars on the other hand. It’s a moment that replicates a thousand times in my head.

There she was dashing through the crowd, getting some space to dance to The great Tchaikovsky orchestra’s symphony. I’m moved by the way she sways her hips. Her body waves with the rhythm of the music and at that moment she becomes the music.  Dancing with so much passion and desire..

Our gaze locked, she ran to me and placed her hand on my shoulder, like a slight grab slight tap, sparks, I immediately put my champagne and chocolate down and joined in. Together we danced to the rhythm, our feet in perfect sync like a rehearsed routine. As the orchestra progressed, I relaxed my body and allowed a smile to form on my lips, SHE was perfect. She was in a long black dress with a slit that cut through her thick thighs, she had the complexion of an angel. Her golden Blue drillers brought out her desirable figure that when she swayed, the whole room moved with her. Eyes blue as the spring clouds, were deep and irresistible. And as we danced, heat radiated between this two souls, slick drops of sweat gliding down our bodies, mine due out of being overwhelmed.
And at that moment, we synced and became one, our souls met and gave each other a hi-fi because they knew they had found what they had longly yearned for.


My lover
She whispered, “look, everyone’s staring at us ” I grabbed her hand and whispered “really, I haven’t noticed ” True I hadn’t noticed as i was in a deep state of trance and as i snapped back, l knew she needed say not more, my soul, My whole being, was now hers and hers alone.

And this night, after spending our six years of eternity together, we still feel so fresh,so attracted and so right for each other. As we lay there drawing patterns in the thick air, they form symbols of love. Despite the shoddy unfathomable patterns, it’s all love.

It’s morning, another day to work… We never say bye 👋.


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