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Kimonos have been trending lately and they are among the best fashionable and stylish garments I have come along in my lifetime.  They articulate a certain personality that speaks out loud about someone’s acknowledgement of style. Kimonos range from simple but stylish to big sophisticated designs. The good thing about them is that they will most likely always go hand in hand with anything in your closet. A misconception I’ve often heard and want to prove wrong is that short people can’t dress up in kimonos. I believed it until I decided to break the rules and try it out. The results were unbelievable and thus my purpose for sharing with you how you can pair it up with a few items and keep your cool. 

1. A nice pair of jeans

This is an essential in every wardrobe. It is a go to item that will always work no matter the occasion (all but office wear). Pairing a dark colored pair of jeans or leggings or jeggings with a bright kimono will accentuate your curves . if you’re short put on a pait of high heels and rock your way to the party.

2. Crop your way to the top! Crop Top

A stylish crop top is always a go to item whenever we are talking of trendy and  street style. To easily get that calm cheek street kinda look, why not pair these two. Especially when the colors are right complements of each other. 

3. Turtle necks

There is  something that pops when you  pair up a kimono  with a turtle neck and some boots. You get  that cowgirl  kinda vibe that I love love love. Its my favourite go to look beause its stylish and speaks volumes about your style.

Model: Eva

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