Why is Minimalism Important?

Yesterday, towards the end of a discussion with a friend of mine, she asked me the most interesting question. “Why is minimalism important?”

As usual, I gave her my simplified answer. ” It’s Important because you can live life to the fullest by using it as a tool.” Later in the evening, I really thought about that question. I realized that even though I had given her the truest answer, that was just a pithy answer. I have mentioned before that minimalism is a tool. One that helps you get past the things that get in the way of the things that you really need in your life. If you can be able to get past those things that block you from living a truer life, then you have achieved the ultimate goal.

I am often envious of people who have made it to the other side. I am even envious of those people who live in a bag pack. this just gets to show us how much we don’t need all these stuff that we bombard ourselves with. Our buying culture is pathetic. Let me just put this out there. I have seen people going into huge debts because they want to have the next big thing.

If you could just try minimalism for a week, you’d notice a few changes, positive changes. Discipline is what you’ll need for these changes. When one is disciplined enough to keep away from impulse buying and learn to appreciate every little thing they own, they will be the happiest. We often forget about the things that make us happy because they are far crowded by the things we don’t require. As a minimalist, I have learned to be disciplined and with that comes a great reward. I feel freer and happier. I no longer but things. More often I’m just replacing the worn out stuff.

So, Why is minimalism Important?

On a personal level, It is Important since you can be able to save up more money, time, space and other resources. Minimalism also opens doors for the things that you love doing the most. People often ask me why so many minimalists travel across the globe. Is that the ultimate goal for a minimalist? No. It’s far, not the ultimate goal. Living a fulfilling life doing what you love the most is the ultimate goal. Traveling just happens to be theirs isn’t that cool?

Now imagine this on a large scale, living in a place where people are doing the things they love. We would have our heaven right here. most of the problems that we experience today are as a result of compulsory consumption. Believing in the big lie. ” The more you have, the better you are.” This is by far the greatest myths, lie, and misconception of all time. The inverse to that statement is rather truer than true.

Living in a society where people consume only what they require is the way out of some of the heavy crisis such as corruption and other fraudulent activities. Consumerism is what makes or breaks a nation. If we change our buying habits and buy purposefully, we could end up being the happiest. The happy era is what this could be.

The satisfaction

With minimalism, we can eradicate so much stress. Imagine going to your 9-5 job then coming back home in the evening to doing the things that you love the most? Without worrying that maybe you won’t earn as much as the dull side hustle that you don’t enjoy at all. People usually try to make ends meet for the wrong reasons. They work so hard to get the same things that they already have.

We Should have a better goal than to just have stuff because that will never fulfill us and the earlier we realize that, the better. The and result of minimalism is satisfaction from the things that you truly enjoy. It feels like watching those YouTube satisfying videos. Everything is often in its right place. You don’t really need much to accomplish that. Literally! You don’t need much.

Sometimes, the things we think we are missing are often there with us. They are just hidden from us by the unnecessary stuff. And most often they are not things at all, they are the people we care about and experiences we’d want to have but are often so hindered because we don’t get the time from our busy schedule.

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