My minimalism journey began earlier this year. I had no idea that what I was doing was minimalistic but it rang in my mind very much later that I was somehow practicing minimalism in a very subtle way.
It is a lifestyle that I have come to adopt and adapt very easily. But why? There are very many reasons but I will talk about the three most significant reasons.
Before I outline them, this is a very personal journey and everything that I mention is according to my own experience so our perspectives might be different. The differences are what makes us “us” if you know what I mean. So without much further ado:

Space is a very essential part of healthy and mindful living. In my last post I talked about clutter and how it influences our livelihoods in physical, psychological and emotional ways. For you to create space, you must remove and dump all the clutter. Whenever there is space in a room, my mind often feels free and during such times I come up with the most brilliant ideas and when I work in such places my work tends to be neat and tidy. Being a minimalist, even for the shortest time, I have realized that you don’t need to have a million things around you to feel like you own it all; you just need a few items that you treasure and that have meaning in your life. That is the difference between being a minimalist and being economic.

Let’s face the truth, the more items you have, the more choices you have to make, the more headache it gives you and the more time you consume trying to decide, Am I right? Now, imagine the opposite, the lesser items you have, the lesser the stress and time you take. I recently cut off my shopping, not because I don’t want to have a whole bunch of stuff but because the whole bunch of stuff gets me late almost always wherever I am trying to decide what to wear. Instead I turned most of my shopping time to my me time, the time I take to refresh my brain and do other more helpful things. Minimalism also saves you time when you cut off all toxic relationships by enabling you to do more instead of entertaining self harming people in your life.

Speaking of shopping, I have saved a bunch of shillings since I started this journey. Sometimes I wish I had started this earlier, when I cut out all the pointless shopping because something was cheaper or on sale, I invested my money in things that are durable and of quality. After all, when you have a couple of items that are top notch, you’ll never run out of style. Don’t strain your budget because you will always want to be trendy, no, that’s not how it works, a little at a time goes a long way.

That is all I had for today, share your thoughts and let me know if you agree with me in the comment box


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